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Different RC Models

Different RC Models | By Nikoli Funston

RC is one of those phrases that have become a catch-all sort of like Coke. In truth, the different types of RC models available are staggering.

The world of Remote Control is growing rapidly as new and more sophisticated devices continue to be developed. One of the oldest and still most popular types of remote control toy device is the remote controlled car. One of the important distinctions used in the remote control hobby is scale. Remote controlled cars can come in various scales such as 1:6 or 1:10 scale. This means that the car is 1/6 or 1/10 the size of a normal car. Many remote controlled cars are designed for racing and RC racing clubs are popular.

Another major RC field is the RC airplane. Airplanes come with either electric or gas powered engines. The remote control features allows movement of the flaps for flight control while the electric or gas engine turns the propeller for power. Transmitters can send signals to control other functions such as the retraction and lowering of wheels. As with other RC devices, airplanes come in many different sizes and configurations. Some are purchased already assembled and ready for flight. Others come in kits and must be assembled prior to use.

RC Hobbie Helicopters

The helicopter is closely related to the airplane in real life as well as in the remote control hobby. The major difference in the helicopter is its ability to hover. This feature makes the RC helicopter able to fly in a more restricted space than the airplane. It does not need as much area to take off or land. Some smaller scale RC helicopters can even be flown indoors even within your living room.

Boats are another popular RC device. The RC boat needs only a body of water like a lake or a pond. Much like the airplane, the RC boat comes with either gas or electric powered propellers for motion. The RC transmitter controls the rudder for steering. There are also RC sailboats that use wind for motion like a full sized sailboat. In this case, the RC transmitter also controls the rudder for steering purposes. Multi-function transmitters can be used to perform a myriad of other actions on the RC boat. Tugboats can have spraying water hoses and moveable cranes while warships can have moveable gun turrets. There are even RC submarines available for exploring the bottom of the family pond.

One of the best known and most popular types of RC vehicle is the truck. Since it is not often easy to run your remote controlled vehicle always on a smooth surface, off road type RC trucks are common. These trucks can generally go over any type of terrain and are also used for racing clubs. Cars, planes, boats, trucks, and helicopters are just some of the major types of RC toys available. Just about anything that exists or can be imagined can be converted into a RC adventure.

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