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Ducted Fan RC Jet – Working and History | By Tonja Rose

The first ducted fan Jet experiments were performed in 1998. The launch of these experiments provided the knowledge and expertise to build and design improved ducts and fans. The year of 1999 witnessed the first test flights combined with an enhanced duct and fan combination. The induction of the technology of duct fans showed that duct fan jets have the capability to reach top speeds at high RPM due to attached thin blades and a tapered blade chord.

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In the past, “unducted” fan engines were also tested. The jet had fewer blades and it was greater in diameter size than the common ducted fan jet. However, “unducted” fan jets were bogged down because of their noise issues. In case of a ducted fan jet, the fans are used to contain the noise of the jet engine, thus providing a pleasant flying experience. Neither of these can be provided by an “unducted” fan engine. Also there was a risk involved in flying “unducted” fan engines because they can cause damage to the blades being fewer in number.

EDF RC jets are one of the types of remote control jets for you to choose form. These types of jets provide the experience and thrills of flying without any complexities and are most cost effective. The jet has a built-in duct fan that allows the jet to reach speeds of 20,000 RPM and even more.

Most ducted RC jets are supplied with a bladed fan engine offering huge RPM that boosts the speed of the jet. The ducted fan is a very minimal in size but it is a part of a powerful unit. The ducted fan consists of a propeller which is multi-bladed and spins at a very high speed, thus generating the thrust to reach maximum levels.

As the impeller spins at a high speed, the air is sucked through the impeller and forced out through the small funnel-shaped fan unit which generates a lot of thrust for the jet to catch speed. The ducted fan acts as a cooling system for the jet due to its strong capability to fly at huge speeds. These ducts are designed to fit in the engine of the jet at a relatively lower cost. The ducts can be used for both the electric and gas engines of the RC jet.

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1985 OS 65 VR DF RC Ducted Fan model airplane engine vintage motor 8B carburetor

1985 OS 65 VR DF RC Ducted Fan model airplane engine vintage motor 8B carburetor
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